Efficiency Redefined

Unlock the power of AI an tap into our extensive recycling industry expertise to boost your facility’s KPIs!

Our Goal

Enabling recycling facility operators to exceed their KPIs by harnessing the full potential of AI and data analytics


Dedicated to redefining recycling facility performance

Dedicated to redefining recycling facility performance by combining domain knowledge, AI innovations and extensive experience to help our customers achieve new levels of operational excellence.


Our software is designed to improve key performance

Our software solution optimizes recycling facility operations by seamlessly gathering data from various machinery and utilizing AI algorithms. Combined with our extensive industry experience we enable operators to make data-driven decisions.

It is designed to improve key performance and is compatible with a range of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and protocols while maintaining the highest possible level of it security.


Positive Impact on economical success

By optimizing key performance indicators and operational efficiency, our solution directly contributes to improved profitability, positv impact on your economical success.

Increased Availability

Optimize machinery performance to maximize uptime and minimize downtime, ensuring smooth operations and increased productivity.

Enhanced Throughput

Streamline processes and identify bottlenecks to improve overall efficiency, enabling higher throughput and faster material processing.

Reduced Energy Costs

Identify energy consumption patterns, implement energy-saving measures and optimize equipment usage to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.

Improved Maintenance

Utilize predictive analytics and real-time insights to proactively address maintenance needs, preventing breakwdowns, reduce fire hazzard and minimize unplanned downtime.

Impact on Fire Protection

By evaluating key parameters, defects can be identified early and the risk of fire events can be minimized.


Success comes through diversity

Seamlessly merging operational experience and IT knowledge.

Peter Berlekamp

With 35 years of dedicated experience in waste recycling, Peter has journeyed from hands-on operational roles to top management and major capital projects. His mission is to share the wealth of knowledge he accumulated over the years, contributing to the industry’s growth and excellence.

Christian Kreutzmann

Christian holds a Master’s degree in engineering and five years of experience in waste recycling. His approach is solution-oriented, and being committed to staying at the forefront of technology for increased efficiency and sustainability in the industry.